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The Continuing Education (CE) is the international tool allowing the pharmacist to keep his knowledge up to date, to assert his skills but above all to stay a major player among other Healthcare Professionals.
In Lebanon, the CE is mandatory since the enactment of the Law No. 190 on November 18, 2011.
Its implementation started on January 1, 2014.

For Whom?

The law applies to all pharmacists practicing in Lebanon. Pharmacists living outside Lebanon are exempted until their return, at the condition of presenting the of their presence abroad as requested by the Order.


Each pharmacist must achieve 15 annual credits of which 5 minimum should be live from activities organized or accredited by the Order (congress, Pharmacist Day and continuing education conferences). Of these 5 live credits, the pharmacist will have to attend 4 conferences organized by the OPL.


  • 1-The credits are calculated every three years (1 cycle = 3 years).
  • 2-The credits may be accumulated during one cycle of CE activity.
  • 3-The credit counter is reset to zero every three years.
  • 4-The pharmacist must have completed 45 credits at the end of 3 years.
  • 5-Newly registered pharmacists will become accountable for CE credits as per the following schedule:
      a. Registered between January and June of a year: accountable for the current year
      b. Registered between July and December of a year: accountable for the credits of the following year
  • 6-The pharmacist presenting a conference will be awarded double the credits that are granted to the conference.
  • 7-Any pharmacist graduated and registered in a foreign Order having a validated CE system (United States, Canada, European Union ...) must present annually the proofs of accomplishment of his program at the foreign Order where he is registered to be exempted from the corresponding number of credits. The pharmacist should, however, have 5 live credits per year and will have to attend yearly, 4 conferences organized by the OPL.
  • University teaching and post-graduate programs will be counted as follows:
  • 1-Full time university teachers will earn 15 credits per year
  • 2-Part-time teachers will get 1 credit per 10 contact hours upon presenting an official statement from the university
  • 3-PhD: covers 3 years (candidate should present yearly proof of following the program)
  • 4-Masters, MBA: covers 1 or 2 years (upon presenting proof of completion)
  • 5-DU/DIU: covers 1 year (upon presenting proof of completion)
  • 6-PharmD: covers 1 year (upon presenting proof of completion)
  • 7-Other courses whether online (Coursera, edX…) or live (courses in universities): each 10 contact hours are equivalent to 1 credit. Courses of 150 contact hours and more are equivalent to 15 credits (1 full year).
  • 8-All pharmacists under this point will have to attend 4 conferences during OPL Annual Congress or OPL Pharmacist Day
  • 9-Any pharmacist must create his email at the Order and register at the e-Library in order to have a Swank account (see Web Guide 2014). This will allow the Order to manage the accounts and allow the pharmacist to access his personal information and to make sure of the number of credits obtained, the deadlines, the required courses (if applicable).
  • 10-Any pharmacist wishing to attend a conference not included in the program validated by the Order must send by e-mail the scientific program of the activity and the certificate of attendance to dic@opl.org.lb to get the committee’s approval.
  • 11-To validate a CE activity, the organizer of this activity will have to fill the Accreditation Application Form Web Guide 2014 and send it by email to dic@opl.org.lb along with the requested supporting documents for accreditation by the continuing education Committee at the Order.
  • 12-Pharmacists above 64 years will have to complete 1 credit per year (live or online)
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